Profane Profanity! (With Special Guest Star: ‘Mend Your Speech A Little Cordelia’–That’s MY Gal! You Go Girl!)

If there is a God

(And that debate continues unabated, & ad nauseam)

IF There IS A God, She Would Be Moniker’d ‘Cordelia’

Nuff Said from The ‘Peanut Gallery That is Me

I use a lot.

A lot of


What can I say?

I am a Texan / Sailor

Or a Sailor / Texan

(Never sure which takes priority)

But Profane is my natural nature.

Never mean to offend.

Perhaps I should mend

My speech a little.


Fuck that!


From ‘Lear’:


“Unhappy that I am, I cannot heave

My heart into my mouth. I love your majesty

According to my bond, no more nor less.”


“How, how, Cordelia? Mend your speech a little,

Lest you may mar your fortunes.”

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