I Actually DO Try (And I Also Sometimes Cry–Shhhh! Don’t Tell. I Have A Rep I Need To Up-Hold) Or… “Wishful Drinkin'” If You Prefer… That Title–Let Me Know.

Try To Remember

A Night In September

Cry Cray Cry!

Hi-Way Uno Et Uno

Oh No!

Highway 101 Cry, Cry, Cry

I LOVE You Paulette–You Auto-Graph’d My Cowboy Hat–

I was In a Bar (Duh!) In San Dog

You were bringin’ down the house from your stage

Circa ’88

Cost me Five Quid!

My Money Was Well-Spent!

I sauntered to the stage, tipped my hat, handed it to you.

You said,

“Oh, you want me to autograph your hat?”

“Yessum, I sure do. Please do.”

You did

Gracious Lady

Best Night of my Life!

“Whiskey, If You Were A Woman!”

Pretty Sure Y’all Remember–

Maybe Not,

But I do.

I lost the hat, but not the magical memory

I still wish I had retain’d that hat


Please remind Me Y’all:

I am supposed to be constructin’ a post

ALL About Paulette

Vid Cred: AManOfManyFaces

To Remember September!

My ‘Birth Month!

I Was Cast Hat’ch;d d, Upon The World…

On A September Fate-ful day

May God in His Way,

Save The Children!

I Do Try To Remember

That Day One I Lost September, In In… September

When Life Held Such Promise!

I was So Deceived!

But, It Was All Bull-Shite!

“Sanitized for my Protection!”

I was Gonna Be An Astra-Naught!


NOT Meant to be

You See?

It was ALL Bull-Shite!

I NEVER GOT To Be an Asttra


But I Got To be An Ass

There’s At Least That

I Was Battin’ 500!


But, I tried to remember that day in September

When Life was my Oyster!

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