I Have Spilled Far Too Much Virtual Ink on Rita. Fuk U, I’ll I’ll Spill Some More!! I Love Rita. I Just Caint Hep It! “Well, I just got back from New York City; Kris and Rita Done it all.”

“Rita Coolidge, Rita Coolidge cleft for me”


–Willie Nelson

Since it is still Texas Independence Day, I am gonna continue to bombast my Blog with Texans I admire.

Here is (in my mind) one of the greatest (and most misunderstood and underrated) Texans: Kris Kristofferson, Rhode’s Scholar, ruffian, redneck, poet.

He married well. Too bad it didn’t take. Rita Coolidge! He should have found a way to make that work…

To Be So Smart, Kris, You Were An Idiot!

(I Can Certainly Relate!)

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