I got so stupid drunk on stupid drunk this morning, I forgot my name. Had to refer to my driver’s licence–Just to try to out… to Figger Out Who I Was Not Supposed to BE

Just tryin’ to remember who the fuk I was supposed to fukken be. Went to the hospital,

They Reminded Me Of who I was supposed to not be.

Then deep depression struck me…

Over that sudden realization

So I tried to Rember

That Day in Septemer

When I Was born

Into this Gog-ForeSaken World

I said,

“I don’t wanna be that guy”

They said

“Sorry Asshole: this is who you be”…

They had proof

see below

C’est Moi!

I just wanna go home


I Fukken Hate ’em!

nOT THE pEEPS. Just The Concept

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