This Is Just Yet Another Tease (‘Wonton ‘a-Meri-ca’)

For A Post I have Bouncing About in My Head.

Working Title:

“Wonton America.”

All Americans are “Want-Ones’

(You Have Probably Already Figured Out By Now Why This Is So Timely

And Apropos)

Street Cred for Vid:  ‘Playing For Change

The you?


The young Girl Singing… Broke my already broken Heart.

Will work for Beer!

Oh Drear!
Or Dear!
Oh Drat!

Damn Cat!

Diana Fuentes


(Yeah. I know The Musical Selection is Miss-Matched.

And the Language is ALL Wrong!

But it Suits My Purpose)

So There!


And word to Some Wise:

Don’t Go THERE.

I will hurt Your Feelings



It is Gonna Be About

All The Years I Spent In

South-East Asia.


And About LOVING & Cherishing  

All The People I had the Honour To Know There….


Stay Tuned.

Don’t Change That Dial!




Pee Pee Esss:

I have been to Cuba only Once.

(And I didn’t even manage to get off my ship)

Pretty Sure Next Time I Get To Go…

I’ll Be Arriving



(That’s Me: Second Guy On The Bottom Left)

2 thoughts on “This Is Just Yet Another Tease (‘Wonton ‘a-Meri-ca’)

  1. FQ,
    1. I am not worthy
    2.If she were in Texas….. never mind that one. That is stupid
    3. She is too young for me,
    4..I am not worth the spittle off of her cruel shoe.

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