Must Re-Post. Got To. Joni is Always Inside My Head, Permanently Double-Parked On My Frontal Lobe. “We’re Captive on a Carousel of Time.” I have Lost My Mind!

Danger! Will Robinson!

This post is


I ‘might’ edit it later

(But Do Not Count On It!)

I have no fucking idea why I am posting this.


I do.

It is because Joni Mitchell has shaped my life (in the best way) more than all the women (combined) who so desperately tried (and failed) to do so.


There will NEVER be a woman I love more than Joni Mitchell,

And I have never even seen her in person,

But I have never even seen Shakespeare either.

In person.

So… Fucking What!

Recent FB Stupid post of mine:

I’d just be happy with a sideways glance from her at me from 200 meters as she bordered her Lear Jet. I would be happy and sated enough to just lie down and die right then and there.

Right fucking there on the tarmac.

My last happy dying thought: Joni looked at me. Ever so briefly, but that is all I deserved.

I do not believe in God.

I do not believe in Yoga.

I do not Believe in Ghost-Busters

I do not believe in Chocolate Milk


But I do believe in Joni.

I can hear/see/watch Joni.

Cannot do that with any God.


More convoluted FaceFuk Shit:

I love Joni.

Joni don’t love me

Why not? You may ask.

Because She doesn’t even know I exist.

(I am about to spill A-LOT  of Virtual ink on Joni—- Once again)

Why? Because I love her so much more than all the Tea In China.

Stay tuned!

It ain’t raining here, but I don’t care!

As in general,

WordPress is Fucking Stupid!

There is a Great Link Below To A wonderful Complexation/Complication/Compy-lication, Complied Collection… of Joni Music….

But Y’all gonna have to don them Coke-Bottle-Bottom glasses to see it.

Joni! I love love LOVE You!

You have  continuously and always Enriched my Life!

When I die… I want the two people at my funeral as they spread the dirt over me… One would be Joni. The other is a person to be named later… to listen to “Circle Game”—-(see comments if you give at least one fuck)


Just a little more FB Fun…

Quite Honestly

And quite Frankly…

I do not understand…

Why the FUCK…

I waste even one second of what little, finite time…

That remains for me

On This...

Blue, Beautiful Blue Marble…

On Fukkin FaceBook!

Joni has written, sung & performed some of the most beautiful songs in The History of Song,
but I say this w/o apology:
This is my favorite:
‘Circle Game.’
The older I grow, the more it moves me to tears.
I listen to it over and over again.
At least five or seven, or twenty times a day….
Every fukkin’ day.



I wake up…

And this song is playing in my head!

So guess what I do!

I queue it up, and listen.


And perpetually


(And re-enforced just once more in love with, with Joni–As if! As if, I ever would need a booster shot!)

That is a Ridiculous Thought






(Huge Surprise, n’est-ca faux ‘paw’?)


Precious Few Catch My Twisted…

Sense Of Humour.

Vid Cred: JoniJourney

PPS 2021

There is too much ‘Joni’ running about (on the internet)

Of late.


Because we are about to lose her.

She is dying.

I do NOT wannna live in a world without Joni.


If offered the option…

I chose life.

Just as I chose Shakespeare.


Dead or alive.

I love.

I love her.

I will always love her.

On my death bed…

I will say

“At least I knew Joni”

2 thoughts on “Must Re-Post. Got To. Joni is Always Inside My Head, Permanently Double-Parked On My Frontal Lobe. “We’re Captive on a Carousel of Time.” I have Lost My Mind!

  1. Thank You So Very Much John
    It May have escaped Your Attention
    But I Love Joni
    If she ‘Goes’ before Me,
    I fear for My


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