Gonna Re-Drink this–Screw U! Alcohol Is A Cruel Mistress. She Gives And She Takes—Mostly She Just Takes. My Car, My Smokes, My life, My Mind… My Mind, Never mind… But, G’Damn, She is One Sexy Bitch! I Go Willingly.

Most diseases have some chance for a cure.

There is NO Cure for Alcoholism.



It is just something one has to come to terms with.

Trust me Kids:

I have been battling with her ever since I was thirteen years old.

But I’m still standing!

And fighting the good fight!

Still Standin’!

The Piano Computer Has Been Drinking

Cred: MasterBiblicalMemory


If I try to cast her out…

Well, this outcome is



It takes a long time to drink yourself to death.

The DT’s can kill you in a week, or even less.

Depending on the weather

“I came here to drink myself to death”

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