Most of My Days, These Days, My Thoughts, My Asss-Perations, My Ambitions, Are Preoccupied With Just Trying To Take a Proper Dump. I Shit You Not

(Tryin’ To Take a ‘Proper Piss” is an entirely different topic. Can you say “Prostate Problem?”–I Knew you could)

Anyway, Bowel–Moving on…


Trust me Kids, if you ever grow old you will know exactly what I am talkin’ ’bout.

Taking a proper daily dump is


Taking a good shit is good.

And it’s good for ya

And Just For Fun/Added Value To Get Ya in-the-mood:

Please Scroll Down and Clik on the

“Poo-Pond Song”

Oh Fuk it. I did the Heavy Searchin’ For Ya.

Yer Welcome

Cred For Share: JimmyMisawa

Artist: Jimmy Moreland


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