“PISS OFF” PROFANITY! LOTS OF! Danger Will & Wilhelmina Robinson! May Be Offensive. OMG! I Had Forgotten About This One. (Some Lost Soul Recently Liked It) Now Expanded With Even MORE PISS!

Lenny Bruce – ‘Pissing In The Sink’ Bit (Rare, 1965)

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Some BITCH Neighbor

Not Timothy—who has not hit me up for a free beer in over a week Now—“Thank you, Tim”

Oh, and by the way:

I am NOT drinking for two.

Some Neighbor BITCH Came Pounding



I Thought No One Stupid Enough To Tempt Fate In This Way

“Why do you flush the toilet so much?” She asked.

Apparently she can hear my toilet flush through the wall and it disturbs her fucking concentration.

I just stared at Her

“Why do you Flush so much?” She asked again.

“I flush so much because I piss so much.

I Piss So Much Because I DRINK So Much.”

“Maybe You shouldn’t drink so much.”

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“Fuck off and get outta my face before I am tempted to fucking do something stupid I may or may not regret. But for your benefit, from now on I will piss in the fucking sink. I’ll do that for you.


She Ran Away


Cannot Imagine Why

Fucking Coward.

Pretty sure there will be repercussions for my rude behavior and I will be forced to pay for my sins.

Guess how many fucks I give.

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Bonus Round:

Justin Case I Have Not Managed

To Piss (No Pun) You Off Enuff Yet:

“Christ and Moses, Come On Down”

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Jerry Jeff Walker Pissin’ In The Wind

(Not Great Quality, But Best I Can Muster At-This-Moment-In-Time)

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