Something About Carly. I Adore Her! I Adore Her! I Adore Her!!! I Fukken Absolute–Lee Fukken ADORE Her! Did I Make Myself Absolutely Crystal Clear Here? Dear?

Probably the no bra.



I lied.

It was the no bra look.

Honestly, I think it was the hat.

OK. I just lied again.

It was most def, the bra-less-ness.

There! I fess’d up.

We good now?



There is just something about a poor little rich girl, with her hair blowin’ in the breeze at Martha’s Vineyard…

(And Yes, For all you Film Buffs Out There, the Not-So-Subtle Connection Between Martha’s Vineyard and Amity Island of ‘Jaws’ Fame, did Not Escape me.)

Something that says to me: Nineteen Seventies.

I do love it (and her)

She really did  not know no better…

After all: These are the “Good Old Days” ain’t they?

“Carly, You are a delight. You have Enriched my Life for so many years.

Thank you.”

Oh, and you too, JT.

You Lucky Bastard!

“Do the Walls Come Down When You Think of me?”


Carly, Oh Yes!

And James Taylor,

Go Get Wrecked!

Carly! Marry Me! I Won’t Let you Down, Like That Ass-hole James Taylor Did!

Fuck You Sweet Baby James Taylor!

This vid ain’t Even about you…

It is all about Carly!

Cred fo vid: Who Gives a Flyin’ Fuck?

Just one more British Azz-Hole!


Carly, You Don’t have To Prove to Me You’re Beautiful To Strangers;

I’ve Got Lovin’ Eyes Of My Own.

2021 Addendum:

If MS Muse, AKA ‘Katherine,’ Reads This,

I am in BIG Trouble

And Will, Most Likely, Be The Recipient Of Some Unhappy Words.

“Yes Carly. I want to marry you.”

U Little Jew Bitch!

Carly in case you didn’t know… know….In Case Yu Didn’t Know…

Her father was from a German-Jewish family, while her maternal grandfather Friedrich was of German descent; her maternal grandmother, Ofelia Oliete, known as “Chibie”, was a Catholic originally from Cuba, and was of Pardo heritage, a freed-slave descendant.


Yes! I Have been to Jerusalem!

Many Times!

So What??

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