For ALL MY Texan Gals! Godamn! How I Do Love Them! Them TEXAS WOMEN! I Could Go On, But I Think I Have already Flooded This Post. I Love Texas & Texas Women… Run Tell That! Nuff Said!

“That’s right; you’re not from Texas.”

You have my sympathy.

I watched her in My Rear-View Mirror–Fade Away!

Texas Forever!


“You Say You’re Not From Texas?”

No Shit Sherlock!

You Ain’t

“You stumbled an’ Yu Fell”

(Credit: Dating Beyond Borders)

All the beautiful women still left in California who haven’t yet moved to Texas are just busily packing their bags.

(Give them some time—they are on their way)

But they gonna have a lot of competition:

We have indigenous beautiful women here.

You Cali-Girls don’t stand a chance.

Because God Blessed Texas Women, Not You.

Not You.

Git over it!

And stay away from my Republic of Texas.

We neither want nor need you.

Try Portland.

Or Seattle.

I hear they are hard-up for pretty women–fresh out.

Vid Share Cred: martinuk777

Yet One More Wonderful Texan Woman: Jackie Venson. Austin Born and Raised

“Lose your imagination, lose your mind.”
Too true.

And of course, Tanya (Seminole, Texas)

Tanya grew infamous for her propensity to get drunk and dance on tables.

Not really ‘Lady-Like.’

This is why I LOVE Her!

Un-filtered, unashamed, unabashed pure Texan Gal!

Tanya My Darlin’!

And yes, there are SO MANY MORE.

But I am running out of virtual ink in my virtual pen


A Little added value:

Video credit: patgree

Credit: Jon Wolfe

DO NOT Mess with Texan Women!


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