Oh Fuk All Y’all! I’m Sorry–Not Sorry. Not Truly Sorry! Go Fuck Yerself!! Get Wrecked!

But I Am Rather Proud of This Goddamn Post!

I Spent too much Time in ‘Fuk-Lose Ya, Fail’d to-Love Ya Fallujah Eye-Rack!

I am in Love With Le Both:

Connie & Clare. So There!




Marry Me!

Make Me An Honest Man!

Why do I Keep Drinkin???

If I didn’t Know Any Better Clare I’d Cut off any part of my anatomy for just one night with you

I Rack!! Nashville,

The Unrequited Life

I Cannot Help it! I Am In Fucking in Love With

Fuk-Lose-Ya, Iraq…

I in Love With Connie! & Clare! Seriously In Terminal Love With


If this is not the sexiest video, I will eat my varnished boots.

Please NEVER Varnish Cowboy Boots. Horrible Idea! NO! THIS IS Shameful! These Boots Ain’t Made For Walkin ’ I Should Not Re-Post This. But I Do It Anyway. Fuck-the-World!

(Yes, I am a ‘fan’ of Connie Britton as well)

The singer in this vid, (Clare Bowen) in case Y’all don’t know, is Aussie.

Just some Wiki there atcha.

Hope you enjoy



And of course… Y’all have to read my comments. This is rather a ‘disambiguous’  post.


10 thoughts on “Oh Fuk All Y’all! I’m Sorry–Not Sorry. Not Truly Sorry! Go Fuck Yerself!! Get Wrecked!

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  2. ‘Nashville’ is an awesome show. I think I watched an entire season in one day. Just couldn’t get enough. Loved ‘Friday Night Lights’ too.
    The music in ‘Nashville’ is surprisingly great. I was blown away!
    Thank you for being a ‘kindred spirit’,

  3. Gotta admit – LOVE Nashville! My relationship with country music is complicated, but I listen to this shit in my car – bought it 🙂 And I can relate to that “y’all” business . . . being a girl raised in Texas and all 😉

  4. And actually, I see so much of “Tami Taylor” (Friday Night Lights) in Connie Britton’s ‘Rayna’ character here. Perhaps it would have been better if she had shed that oh, so popular persona? Then again, maybe not.
    This is why I do not work in movies.

  5. There is something very subtle in this video (well, it was subtle for me) at the end when Rayna James was about to take the stage, she was all distraught and the lighting was not there for her. Once she stepped out into the bright lights, she was lit up, and not by the lights, but by her star-quality, which was about to go Super Nova.
    Just my two cents.
    There is much more, of course, at work in this clip. If y’all have not watched this excellent TV series, I humbly suggest you check it out. There is a lot there to ponder. And enjoy.
    Too bad it wasn’t set in Austin, but then, we don’t do drama in Austin do we? We just do music.

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