Either Word-Press is Really Stupid, Or I’m Really Drunk!– “Time! That Most Precious Of All Commodities. Do NOT Squander It!”

What’s Your Name?

Who’s Your Daddy?

He Rich?

Is He Rich?

(In Time?)

Like Me?

If Yes,

Then Go On:

Enjoy Your Finite Life,

While It Lasts

(This Vid Could NOT Be Made Today–Fuk WOKE!)


Don’t Hug Me; Just Love Me

I’m Scared 2 –


I Cannot Find The Original Content Creator of this to Credit. G’Dmmit!


I’m Scared.

Scared I’ll Run Outta Time

“Life gets mighty precious
When there’s less of it to waste.”

Bonnie Raitt – Nick Of Time


Red-Heads Rock My World!


Time is The Only (And Finite) Commodity That We Shall Ever ‘Own’

Spend it Wisely & You Shall Live A Full Life

Squander It And You Are Properly Fukked

(Yes. I Have Strong Opinions On This)


NF – Time


Billy Joel – Honesty

I love my life, but I see it coming to a close soon.

(I ain’t no spring chicken)

I have lived a FULL LIFE.

I have been Around the Whurl

(And the World)



I AM so Very HAPPY Now.

I have made PEACE with Me.

Now I just write.

This Makes Me Happy.

I love that.

I am a worthy Man. If you ever choose to interact with me, please just be honest. I have not the time, nor patience, nor desire for bullshit. I have seen/heard it all before.

 I am a simple man: Simple wants. Simple Desires. Simple Dreams.  

In short: I am Simple-Minded.

Now go away.

Unless you have something relevant/honest to say.

I will always listen.

But don’t waste my time.

If you waste my finite time,

I will Never Ever forgive you.


This ain’t the song I wanted, but I suppose it kinda ‘fits’ into my


Fuk it!

Twill Serve

Pink Floyd – Time


My Largest ‘Fear’:

Well baby, there you stand
With your little head down in your hand
Oh my God, you can’t believe it’s happening again
Your baby’s gone and you’re all alone
And it looks like the end

Wasted Time – Eagles


Joni Mitchell – The Circle Game


I Cannot Believe,

That The-Power’d Cowards That Be,

Made Her Wear Mini–Skirt!–

So ‘Un-Joni!

But She Do Have Sexy Legs


Just Joan For Fun.

Romancing the Stone

“De Joan Wilder!”

“Romancing the Stone”

De Joan Wilder!

I Absolutely



She is A Fucking Writer!

Of Some Small Fame!

Just Like Me!



Goddamn It!

“Virgil Cain”

Was My Name.



I Wish Were That Brave!


I Ain’t!


I LOVE You Joan!

You Left-Wing Bitch!

“I Dream’d I Saw Joe Hill Last Night”

:There’s a Hole in My Bed”


Joan Baez


Janis Ian & Joan Baez

(Great Vid—Watch it or Go Kill Yourself!)

Your Option!

Personally, I’d choose Lie over Death. But That’s Just Me.

Your Mileage may Vary


Cred for Share: dami1622

5 thoughts on “Either Word-Press is Really Stupid, Or I’m Really Drunk!– “Time! That Most Precious Of All Commodities. Do NOT Squander It!”

  1. Time for a little Marshall Tucker Band.. they caught that Rainbow. At least for a while. Always marveled at Toy Caldwell playing the git-tar with his thumb.

  2. Being at Peace is an elusive quarry. But if you catch it, it will satisfy immensely.

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