Rita! Rita! Rita! Most Lovely Lady!

Words Fail!

Oh Well!

Best I can Muster:




Star Stricken Me!

“Rita, You Are So Beautiful!”

“Learn How To Pretend”

Rita, Beautiful Lady, I Did Learn.

Too Well.

Far Too Well… How to pretend


Now What?


You Moron!

You Really Fucked Up!

Didn’t You!

How could let her get away??

You Fucking Idiot!

If you look up “TRUE LOVE” in the Dictionary,

This You Shall Discover


Clik The GD Below Link.

It Works!

(Fuk You WordPress!)



And any Fool Out There

Who Feels The Need

To Try To ‘Educate’ ME

On The Stormy Marriage

That… Was Kris & Rita…

Here is a Clue:


I have my Memories…

And My Fantasies…


Tread Upon Them!

OR Try To Trample Them!

If You Do…

(Well, I Recommend You Just don’t)

You Will NOT Enjoy My Respond.

2 thoughts on “Rita! Rita! Rita! Most Lovely Lady!

  1. Willie’s “Devil Shivered in a Sleeping Bag” lyrics created after Willie was at that Philharmonic show on Kris K’s epic album “Live at the Philharmonic”. Willie was mesmerized by Rita. Thus the memorable lyrics that made it to the Shotgun Willie Album

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