Some Calculated, Abbreviated, Inebriated, Constipated Thoughts on The Blogging/Writing With No Hyperbole Adventure. Or, In Other Words, Writers Are All Assholes. I Love Them All. Even The Stupid, Semi-Literate Ones. Like Me


Why Does Lance Write? I Mean, No-one ‘Reads’ Me. I Write Becuz It Steers Me Away From Sucicide–it, kinda/sorta steers me clear of suicidal insanity

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I generally spend about ten minutes ‘writing’ a post.

Then three minutes waiting on ‘spell check’ to remind me that I cannot spell ‘cat.’

Then two minutes (except for the upload wait) to upload photos/videos.

One minute at the ‘final’ look.

Then: Click that ‘publish’ button.

Total time expended?

‘Bout 15 minutes.


Rinse and repeat the next day. This bothers me. Why? Because, as all of us (may) feel, we can write so much better.

Alas, I am lazy. I just want to get it out there… Catch the likes; catch the comments. Fuck the quality! “They” know what I mean… Don’t they? I mean, they read me! Not too much need for exposition, ya? ‘They git it, eh?’

Just some musings from an amusing wanna-be writer/blogger. Take with some grain of salt. (And Comment), if you are of a mind to, and have an opinion on the ‘writing/blogging’ process.

Cheers, Lancers

“I have never had an original thought; I don’t live in a vacuum.”

–Lenny Bruce

And I wanna be Your Lenny…   


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A Paper-Back.

At The Very Least

Yes! I Am A Written-Word Whore!

Because I am a Whore

And Not Much Anything More

32 thoughts on “Some Calculated, Abbreviated, Inebriated, Constipated Thoughts on The Blogging/Writing With No Hyperbole Adventure. Or, In Other Words, Writers Are All Assholes. I Love Them All. Even The Stupid, Semi-Literate Ones. Like Me

  1. Praise you, sir! Wow. Can’t believe it was part of “Dirty Toilets”. I know that big upside down & sideways! And that’s not disc 4, but disc 3. I owe you a beer.

  2. I have been on a serious hunt for the audio clip of Lenny Bruce explaining he did not grow up in a vacuum. That every thought he took from someplace else. I once owned the album that had the quote, now I do not. This search is what has led me to your blog post. I just listened through Southerners, Religion, Racism, Obscenity, Law, Police, Politics (the vid you posted above), & I did not hear it. I would be very appreciative if you could solve this riddle for me. i suspect it’s on disc 4 of Let the Buyer Beware, as that’s the one disc I’m missing. But, I had many cassettes of different Bruce albums, and it could be on one of those.

  3. I have been known to do more editing ‘after’ publishing than before. 😉
    Thanks for the feedback Sadie.

  4. I am lucky in that I am rarely interrupted, but if I am ‘on a roll’, and do get distracted I generally lose a lot. Sometimes I get it back; sometimes I don’t and that can be frustrating.
    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. You’re welcome & thanks, Lance. 🙂

    You have “the touch” though. Able to produce great writing with minimal amount of time. It’s a gift your many readers love about you! 🙂

  6. when I write to you . . or anyone in comments . . my words are true. How people understand them is up to them. I really would love to know this truth . . about me. I have asked many people about White Russia, where it was? No body will tell me that. My Grandmother would have been 101 this year if she was still alive Lance

  7. Anna,
    Your writing is wonderful.
    My writing is somehow…all over some place…
    Our ‘writing’ fills gaps….
    That is an esoteric quote from ‘Rocky’.
    “Together we fill gaps.”
    look it up
    Just kids havin’ fun!
    Seriously Anna,
    Thank you for visiting my site and commenting.

  8. Occasionally, I will write something and get it posted quickly – but old habits die hard & I usually edit & edit, and sometimes after I have posted if I find anything awry, I just gotta fix it LOL!!!

  9. I envy you. I really do. I agonize over editing. What can be expected of an ex-English teacher?! Some things are engrained. You have it right! I want to do it your way. My brain won’t let me! Where’s a drink?! jk! 🙂

  10. I have been (and more often than not) guilty of posting and then editing. I think like this: ‘Post it Now: Fix it later’.
    Ass-backwards, Yes. But sometimes it works. The problem with that though, is that I lose the ‘early adopters.’ They never come back to see the re-write. And who could blame them?
    Obviously, I need to work on my ‘editing style’.
    Thanks very much for your time and for your comments.

  11. Ya know Beth, sometimes I actually do agonize for some hours, (if I think the particular post is ‘important’, but that is really rare on my part. But I do understand.)

    Thanks much for reading and commenting. Comments inspire me to write. I just like to know that someone is reading at times and not just ‘liking.’

  12. Sharon,
    Your blog is one of my favorites (as you know).
    Laughing out loud at ‘it doesn’t bother me.’
    Ya know why actually? ‘Cause it really does not bother me either in the long run…

  13. SS,
    You know I love your writing (and if you EVER finish your book… I will purchase it–Hell! I might even READ it!)

  14. I don’t really know about that whole White Russian/Jewish thing.

    My stepmother worked for Jack Ruby (this only is relevant if you listened to the first five minutes of the L. Bruce clip I attached) in Dallas at the time he shot Oswald. Oh yeah; the FBI had fun with her…
    I love Jewish culture. I love Arab culture. Hell! I just love culture.
    The thing I do not love is hate, and I am not sad to say that in my mind I am with Christopher Hitchens on this one: “Religion Poisons Everything.”

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  15. my Grandmother said she was from White Russia ~ spoke German . . now there are some people in New York that say we were from France and were Jews ?

  16. I’m like somewhere in between. I write it all, I read it through just to not come off like I’ve lost the verbal part of my brain, then I laugh at my own jokes, then tag roughly 800 things, then post it.

    I never edit like that one person said they do, BUT I FUCKING SHOULD HAVE BECAUSE EDITING FOR THE BOOK IS TAKING AWAY MY LIFE.

    End scene.

  17. I am not much different. I mean, I love to write and have won awards and scholarships for it, but I am impatient. I just want it “out there”. So I get you….only difference is…it doesn’t bother me. 😉

  18. I torment over a post. I write it, re-write it, edit, edit, edit it down, post it and continue to cut, cut, cut even after it’s out there. I like your way better.

  19. Here is some truth, Heathen: your posts are much more detailed and heavier, better, than mine.
    No one could be expected to write those in less… than ninety minutes.

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