In The True Texan Fashion, I Caint Make This Shit Up… Beep Beep Beep, Cata-Glory… I Humbly Submit This. Updated for 2017, G’rrr Twenny Twenny Two

Watch the vid.


Nuff said

We love You Molly!

“If you could see me now….”

Street Cred For The Vid: The Script

Molly, We need you now more than ever Molly.

You Texan Bitch!

“There’ a lot to like there”

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25 thoughts on “In The True Texan Fashion, I Caint Make This Shit Up… Beep Beep Beep, Cata-Glory… I Humbly Submit This. Updated for 2017, G’rrr Twenny Twenny Two

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  2. I’ll have to look an’ see…
    Perot was great free entertainment for sure.
    And Molly is a Texan Treasure.
    Thank you for your comments.

  3. 🙂 Love Molly! That election made for a great season on Saturday Night Live!! Now that I think of it, I wonder if they ever spoofed her – now that would’ve been awesome & I’ll bet she would’ve loved it! 😉

  4. He went and took down his web site. I liked some of the sentiments he expressed as much as the next guy, maybe even more than most. My problem with Pee-Rot was that his numbers didn’t add up, and some of his tax plans were real killers. I voted for Slick Willy, first prez I ever voted for who won. And he went on to beat Pee-Rots deficit reduction targets, leaving us the surplus that the Idiot Son Of An Asshole wiped out in very short order.

    Oops. 80% of Texas is gunning for me now, probably, for speaking ill of Dumb-ba-yuh.

  5. Well, shucks. It’d be poor form for me to call bullshit on a guy who’s not speaking publicly or right in front of me. I just don’t figure a brain as sexy as Molly’s to be one that would require assistance.

    Ya just never know, though. I was at a Bon Jovi concert way back when, at what used to be Jack Murphy Stadium, and their opening act was some metal band whose lead singer was known for hitting some really high notes. I wasn’t into 80’s metal or I’d probably remember the name. Anyway, I happened to be walking past one of the green rooms just as the singer was reaching one of those high notes and saw the guy who was actually singing it. After the note was done he peeled off his headset, walked away from the mic stand, picked up his beer and went back to yacking with the others in the room. I couldn’t believe it, so I hung around. Sure enough, a minute or so later he walked back over to the mic stand, put on his headset, and belted out another high note. When he saw me through the window he grinned and held a finger to his lips. Sssshhhh. 😀

  6. I need to see that chart. H. Ross Did that book didn’t he? “Wing and a prayer?” Or something… Regarding Iran.
    Oh yeah. I read it. Bull Simons. USA retired Spec War. Greeny Beanie.
    ‘On Wings of Eagles?’
    I forget.

  7. I once met a guy who claimed to write for her. He was an ass. (So, I liked him immediately)
    He claimed he wrote most of her material.
    I wanted to punch him in his face.
    But we had some more beers instead.

  8. Well… Thank You so much.
    And thank you for visiting my site.
    I do appreciate your time.
    Thanks thanks thanks

  9. My first wife met Perot in a bar in Plano (briefly, so she says).
    I have no reason to doubt her, but she also told me that while in the Army Reserve, her unit (out of Paris, TX) was monitoring an alien space station in low Earth orbit.
    Go figger.
    I like Perot. Molly likes Perot. Perot is good free entertainment.
    He will probably live forever. (If money can buy longevity)
    Otherwise, he will be frozen for posterity…

  10. Her Book will make your eyes bleed. It is Just That Funny. I miss Molly. She was a Texan Treasure. IS STILL a Texan Treasure.
    Thanking you on behalf of Molly, If I may be so bold to presume.
    She was definitely one-of-a-kind.

  11. I’ve always loved Ms. Ivins. Imagine emptying a fifth of Cuervo with her helping. It’d be like meeting a god, but without the need for fawning subservience.

    I had occasion to mention ole Aich Ross Pee-Rot in conversation the other day, and was less than kind to him. “Now see this chart here? That’s my chart. The red line goes up and to the right, and that’s what we want. Them other fellers, their charts go down and to the right, and that’s not what we want. It just doesn’t get any simpler than that! But they can’t see it!”. 😀

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