G’Dammit! I Caint Find My “Dedicated To Christine McVie Post” Shite! Guess I’ll try To Re-Write. What The Hell Else I Got To Do? Tiddlywinks? Don’t Think So. Not Today Anyway.

I have Forever Been Infatuated with Her

(Must Be The British Accent!)

This Will Have to do (for) Now

I’ll swerve back into it some day

Perhaps I never wrote it–Only Dreamed it.

No Matter

Here it is ‘again’–Take Two:

IMHO Christine NEVER Got The Creds She Deserved.

(And Yes! I Love Her More Than Stevie and THAT Is Pretty Bold Statement Coming From Me, ’cause Y’all Know How Much I LOVE & Admire Stevie)

Yet She Was Over-Shadowed by Stevie.

Christine had such a rich, dark-Chocolate voice.

She deserved so much more recognition.

All Stevie could do was bang her Tambourine, dance about & and sing her ass off.

Christine was a Musician.



Christine McVie | Fleetwood Mac’s Secret Weapon:

Cred For Vid Share: Lone Wolfe Media



I may expand upon this later as more thoughts flood my addled brain & Dependent Upon My Mood and Blood Alcohol Level

We’ll See


P.S. I Don’t Write About The Men In this Band

Because I Don’t Give A Shit About them.

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