Michelle, Ma Belle: Tease! I Fukked Up! She Coulda Been Mine… I Coulda Been Hers! For All Fucking Time. But Oh No! I was / am Stupid! A Stupid Idiot!

For all Time! Yes! Yes!

I Have Regrets! I Screwed the pooch on this One!

I Still Think of Her! And What Could Have Been…

A Horrible Marriage—Ended Badly-and in Great Sin!

(I was Still Marred to Janet Back Then,

When I First Fell For Michelle!)

With Tears and Beers!

Yeah! This Post is Messed Up!

I Fukked  Up
She Coulda been mine
for all time!

“Michelle, ma belle.  These are words that go together well. My Michelle”:

This is a ‘teaser’ for something I am currently working.

(‘Tis an expanding part of my “Great Mistakes Naval Training Center” Nascent Series)


The Marine”?

The Little Blonde One?

Of Course you do!

This will be way better.

Believe me?


I have this bridge for sale; kindly follow me into the ‘Showroom.’

We’ll talk ‘Price’ later…

For now, just gape, gasp, and be awestruck.

And Remember Kids: I don’t do fiction.

All my ‘stories’ are bona-fide.

Continued Here:

Video Credit: Starr’s Music


Anyone ever notice that Paul McCartney can’t speak French for Shit?

“Me Shell… My Bell”

Really Paul?

Please stick to English Paul.

And this from a Texan who destroys French with a Texan accent.

“Mercy Bow Chops Y’all!”

(OK. Not that bad, but almost)

I have been perma-banished from Paris… France.

They still welcome me in Paris, Texas.

Thank God!

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