Time After Time


Ed note:

Cyndi is a Woman I Would Marry.

Never Tarry!


For about five mins….seconds…. But if you actually ‘read’ me, you know I have the Red-Head disease. I love them. Sucker for them. All of them. I love insane women. I find them infinitely more fascinating than the sane ones. And I have never, ever, met a sane Red-Head.



They are like primordial asteroids bouncing around in outer space, banging into each other, creating planets.

And life. And life. And life.

And lies.

Life and Lies, and women.

All goes together.

Peas and carrots.

Trust me. I know.

This is why I love them so.

I love carrots because the are red.

I cannot watch this vid anymore. It makes me sad.

I don’t enjoy being sad. I strive to try to fill my life with ‘happy.’

Happy fucking makes me happy.


I’ve made up My Time

Following Sublime

I’m losing My Mind

I’m going away.

Call me ‘Ash-Tray!

Gone Far Astray




I mean call ME

Or Call me ‘Ismael’

Uh… On Second Thought,

Please Don’t Call me ‘Ismael’

Fuck it!

Just Call me!

Call me ‘Lancelot-Link, Secret Chimp.’

I’ll answer to that.


I am so much in pain

I Cannot Refrain


My writing Process
What’s Yours?
Better? I sure do hope so. Mine don’t serve me well.

Oh Swell!

Serves Me Well!



Help a Brother Out!


I Still Believe

Comments are magical