Life (And Death) Die Mutha-Fuckah Die! Just Fucken Die! “Suicide is Painless” (So They Say)

But who is “They?’

No Credible witnesses from beyond the grave to Interview



It would be so easy then….


“Now We Are Old With Debts and Regrets”

Die Mutha-Fuckah! Die Mutha-Fuckah!


Just Fuckin’ Die!

Just Fuckin’ Die! Already!

Do The World A Solid!


Best Scene EVER!

I Do NOT Deserve The Life I Have Been Given, Been Blessed To Have Had.

I’m A Self-Centered Asshole.

I Hate Lance!!

Suicide Is Painless

The Game of life is Hard

To Play-

“I’m Gonna Lose it Anyway”

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