WP Fukked Up My Post! I Am So ‘G’Dammn’d Piss’d Right Now!

WP, You’re Lucky I No Longer Own a Gun. I Love Ever’Thang Whut Puks Its Own Self Out Of

MY Texas!

I May Be Drunk.




Sorry If This Post Is All Fukked Up. I Might Fix It Later, But Do Not Set Yer Watch… Or Use Yer TI CalculatoR! Kinda, Sorta, Maybe, Updated, Expanded, Or Not….

More Janis! (Native Texan Gal!–Port Auther, Nother–Mother-Fucker) “I Got Dem Ol’ Time Turtle Blues Again Mama!” (Apologies to Janis Joplin)

Janis Joplin / Big Brother and the Holding Company –

“Combination of the Two”

Janis Joplin / Big Brother and the Holding Company –

“Combination of the Two”

U-Tube, Go To Fuck Yer-Self

Ten Mins to Upload a 30 MB file



She died too g’damn Fuckin’ Young!


I love Everything of her!!!

About Her!

Kozmic Blues

I Love Her!

I Love Her!

I Love Her!

“Freedom’s Just Another Word For Nothin’ Left To Lose—

I’d Trade All My Tomorrows For A Single Yesterday”

I neesds to sleep!

I need to find a Place to Sleep!

A Soft Place to Sleep

Lay My Mind


My body


“Freedom’s Just Another word….

For Nothing Left To Lose”

Thank You Fellow-Texan Kris

I Love Her!

I Love HER!

I Fucking LOVE Her!

I Love Her!

I Love Ever’Thang’

‘Bout her!



Yet another bit gleaned from my longer post of 29 Jan 2014. 

“‘The Time Has Come,’ The Walrus Said, ‘To Talk of Many Things:

Of Murdered Birds, Of Turtles Green, and Hippies Sellin’ Rings.’”

My mother was probably

“The Original Hippy Chick.”

When Haight-Ashbury was in full bloom, she would not shut up about it until we ventured there.

(Just the two of us. By Ourselves. Mother and Child–You could do that in ’67–No Worries. Don’t try it today. Please Don’t try it today.)

I knew a little of the ‘Hippy Culture’ back then, yet had no desire to experience it ‘up close an’ personal.’

Mom did.

I Miss My Mother

So one bright sunny Saturday morning we packed up the Ol’ Rusty Rambler and headed off to ‘Frisco and Haight-Ashbury.

Okay. Not Really Our ACTUAL Car

But close. Damn close.

To say that trip opened my eyes would be an understatement bordering on felonious.  I was shocked, awed, amazed, bothered, bewildered, enlightened, enchanted, enthralled, and all at the same time.

The whole day was a ‘Whirling Dervish’ of attacks on my senses and emotions. I remember clearly all the people with their long hair, colorful clothing, love beads, head bands, peace signs, guitars, laughter, and smoke coming from everywhere and not smelling at all like the smoke from the cigarettes my mother used to light up.

But most of all, I remember

The Music 

Music was ubiquitous and oh how I did love the music.

We walked up and down those streets for hours and I do believe my mother stopped and purchased some trinket from every single hippy-trinket-seller she visited, which by my estimation, would have been all of two hundred of them.

Not really being a trinkets-man myself, I purchased a pair of small green turtles that I wanted to rescue from a hippy life I was certain they were not well suited for. 

I actually remember telling the turtles during the ride home not to worry; that they were safe now, and also apologizing to them if I had left any of their family members behind due to the fact that my meager allowance did not afford me the luxury of benevolence to purchase freedom for the whole lot of them–Even though I did beg mom for an advance to do just that.

The turtles ended up having a fine long Turtle – Life and were probably the only two green turtles to ever migrate from 





Texas suited them and me, better. Much better.

Author’s Note: I am a NATIVE Texan. Born in Ladonia, 1957

(Wasn’t MY fault I was forced to live in California for too many years.)


As Always, Thank you for visiting and reading. All comments are welcomed.

Wishing Happy Days Ahead to all My Friends.


Bonus Added

Added Bonus:

“But you know I’m very well protected –

I know this goddamn life too well.”


“Yeah, but I’m gonna take good care of

(Insert your name here)


Honey, ain’t no one gonna dog me down.

Alright, yeah.”


How I Do Love Yu!

Janis Joplin!!

Allow Me to Count the Many Ways

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More Bonus


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