Daily Lenny: Carnegie Hall Part II

TGIF and Here is The Daily Lenny: Carnegie Hall Part II


 (Thanks to It’s okay t.v.  for posting this one on YouTube) 

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12 thoughts on “Daily Lenny: Carnegie Hall Part II

  1. Brad,
    Thank you very much for your kind words about my father. Yes, he was someone hard to forget.
    And thank you for visiting my blog. I have been remiss in adding new posts, but will return to rectify that soon.
    There are many posts on ‘Growing Up in HG’ if you search them out. Might be worth your time.

  2. My mother Kay Sisco Nelms did your
    Father’s estate sale, and in doing that she
    Fell in love with everything Marcom. As your father had the most unique and
    Unusual items (not for everyone) She was
    Fascinated,amazed , and just pain
    Mesmerized with him and his wonderful
    Collection of the weird ,exotic, and dark
    Thngs that to me was Dr.Marcom. I couldn’t buy most things that I wanted at
    The estate sale (cause I wanted everything) but I was lucky enough to get a few things that ment a lot to me. I have his
    Scull cain, a license plate from the old Lincoln, the turtle stool from his office, lots of literature (including the leprechaun card trick ) and his magic wand to just name a few..all are at your convenience
    If need be .
    Your father was my physician from birth
    Until I was in my mid twenties .He was
    Intimidating to me so I always followed
    His instructions as he prescribed. I remember going to tick or treat at
    Marcom Manor as the high light of our
    Halloween experience. Sometimes too
    Scared to go up on the porch. I know his legacy and his legend will go on for many, many years to come .I could not have imagined my Honey Grove experience without him . He was a great treat to know

  3. I can’t figure how to get in touch with you about this exorcism idea of mine. It seems like you’d quit writing around that “kim-guy” business.

  4. I still don’t see anything new from you, trying to figure what you’re doing. I don’t drive and am trying to figure a cheap way to get to Arizona for trying to figure how to exorcise this poor planet, from that fort huachuca’s area.

  5. You’ve got multiple comments from me here and I can’t figure why or if you know you’d been on my site for a bit. (3/2/19 now.)

  6. There was a link to here on my blog and somehow it disappeared about a week ago after about 2 weeks there; I don’t know if you saw or know anything about it. The new design here is nice. I don’t encourage any readers to my blog at all, it would probably be best if the link wasn’t here, would be safest, but I guess it’s okay for you to look at it if you wanted but that one comment I’d had from you got disappeared last week and I can’t figure how that had happened. I’ll check back here to see if there’s a reply to this, thanks for the previous ones. Also, I’m a little nervous because I have to look up a big organized-crime site for a Permission on some piece about some bad stereotype and making that Comment and giving them my email or how these “Computers are not supposed to be safe” was the Comment there’d been on my site from you by the way, or how these Comment and other interactions work makes me nervous, if you noticed what my subject matter is, etc.

  7. — I’d only had a minute to make and submit that, so am trying to add a little to it. It seems like you don’t exist anymore and I don’t think that that’s the situation either; it seems like you’re playing some trick, etc. Where is your new material, you can’t have passed. I’d signed up as a Follower a couple of months ago and thought that that meant I’d be receiving new posts or hearing from you about where you are doing your writing now, you can’t have just quit. So I’m figuring it’s likely some sort of a curse-scam as that that seems to be all anyone even knows how to do for their self-support anymore. I didn’t see that “Jubilant in June” reply until just today now. I hope you okay, but it’s gotten pretty spooky, and then I’d read about your pater’s being a magician so I’m thinking maybe you’d gone into dark kind of thinking and your site isn’t too safe for me. I can’t figure how you could quit such creative good writing.

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