I Have Lost Me Mind! Christmas Is Gonna Be Rough On Me This Year–Oh D(r)ear–In Yer Ear…

“All The Lettuce is Brown, Alien, And Alive!

Yes, I Am Properly F#^ked!

Oh, Almost Forgot: And The Milk is Gray.

Okay? José?”


All the lettuce is brown

And the milk



So I ran away!

Because shit like brown, pulsating, alive lettuce frightens me. I prefer my lettuce dead, not running about, chasing me.

And gray milk?

Don’t think so!

Not appealing to me.

Been there.

Done that.

In Iraq.

Never again.

No Sir. No Ma’am!

My Life?

I’m lovin’ it!

Wanna keep it.


Wanna keep my life… alive.

Spend your pity coins on someone else.

But first call in an air-strike on the lettuce–for me–thanks– ‘preciate Ya!

I will survive.

Thank you

Drive Thru

Better Version Found Below

P.S., I Love You Michelle (You too Cass)

Cali-Dreamin’ and Schemin’

Vid Cred: Thefreddy Show


Added Bonus Reference

“P.S., I love you.” You. You. You. (Michelle, My Belle.)


Bonus Addled Value:

Michelle Phillips, 1986

Oh, And by The Way…

Regis Philbin,

You are Cordially Invited To ….

Kizz My Azz–The Dark Part,

You Dumb-Ass, Lame-Azz, Wanna-Be Interviewer!

Now Go Outside and Wax My Car!

You Dumb-Shit!


Lovely, Wonderful Michelle

So Charming

So Beautiful!

Vid Cred: LPXI


More Bonus Onus:

Monday Monday

“Can’t Trust That Day”

Cred: OscarOsR

3 thoughts on “I Have Lost Me Mind! Christmas Is Gonna Be Rough On Me This Year–Oh D(r)ear–In Yer Ear…

  1. johncoyote, Dear Friend,

    There is a great line from the Eighties movie “About Last Night” Which was a dumb-ed down bastardized version of the wonderful play by David Mamet, “Sexual Perversity in Chicago”
    (Which was performed live for us in Sinai (SFM) in 1978 by a group of young American Jewish Minstrels )

    Anyway the line was, wait for it… wait…. drum roll…

    “Holidays are hard on some guys”

    Thank you so very much John for being my friend

    Merry Christmas

    –Lancer-the-Prancer Reindeer


  2. Hello my friend. Good songs and thoughts shared. I am old now. Had too many birthdays and too many Christmases. I need a tropical Christmas, here in Michigan. Cold as hell.

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