I Would Like to Give LBJ… Please Just Humor Me On This One Kids!

A pass

And, in fact: I do.

He was a Great Texan.

He, even according to Molly Ivins, was a great president.


He was sleazy.

Sleazy, like the rest of us.

This is what makes a leader for America.

You be the judge, and comment.

(Believe it or not, these taped conversations are real)

“Just put yer arm around me, We’ll take a walk”

We love Lyndon.

(Well, the thinking among us do)

Thanks if you approach this with some open mind.

And if not, Thanks Even More.

(But tell us why)

(Is this a mini rant?)


Cheers Y’all

17 thoughts on “I Would Like to Give LBJ… Please Just Humor Me On This One Kids!

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  2. Maybe they had a secret love – BUT did not cross the line . . . call me an idealist, but it can happen 🙂 I understand that dynamic fully & have seen it in action many times . . .

  3. I’m just learning as I read the exchanges from smarter folks. I think his intention was good, but yup, creepy.

  4. I’m not sure LBJ was necessarily flirting. She’d lost her husband and I believe he was being….Southern, offering support and comfort. He pointed out many times that Everyone loved her. And she was polite and accepting. I could be way off the mark. God knows that’s not unusual for me.
    Wonderful piece of history Lance.

  5. David,
    That is an excellent point.
    “Pollik” is not the same now as it used to be.
    We cannot go back to smoke-filled rooms.
    (no-body smokes anymore)
    We wax nostalgia for those who wielded some power, back in the day.

  6. I’ve had a lot of conversations with Democrats who “wish Obama was more like LBJ”. While I do wish he would be more direct in his confrontation of the Republicans, I don’t believe that would be as effective for him as it was for LBJ. The culture in Washington has changed, as has the speed with which information travels. If Obama pulled Nancy Landreau in to his office and threatened to cut her off if she didn’t support single payer, for example, there would be a video of it on YouTube in hours. Not that he can’t have private conversations, but back room arm twisting is awfully hard to do in today’s political climate. Remember, LBJ had solid Democratic majorities, too.

  7. I don’t quite know how to take the exchanges between LBJ and Jacqueline, Lance. The President knew how to flirt-but-not-flirt. And the former First Lady knew how to say no-but-go-on. Interesting dynamic.

  8. Jack Kennedy was impotent.
    He could never have passed the Civil Rights Bill.
    LBJ did that.
    JFK could never have passed anything.
    LBJ passed everything.
    This is fact.
    Forget Vietnam, or not, but Lyndon Baines Johnson did good for this country:
    Medicare and so much more there.

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