The Night The Lights Went Out In Commerce–Again! For Twenty-Two Hours–May As Well Been Twenty-Eight Days–

How It Felt Like…

(why Won’t This Post- Post?–If It Shows Up-Fifteen Times–U’ll Know Why–

Fuk U Word-Press!

“People Should Just Be Able To Breathe:”

“I Don’t Wanna Die”


My Love!

For 20 Hours!

(Git Over It Lance”)

I Decided To Take An ‘Extended’ Nap-

Hopefully The Lights Would Be Back When I Awoke–


Hurled Me Into A State Of Pissed-Off I Had Not Experienced In Some Time

I got Up, Opened The Door Of My Bat Cave

An Old, Grizzled Drug Addict

Was Walkin’ Down My Lane

I Gave him ten dollars

He Just Peered At Me Through Blood Ancient -Shot Eyes,

Then Said,

“Two O,Clock”

(It was, at this point, Ten A.M.)

Now I’m Thinkin’

“Why Two O’Clock?

“Why Not Now??”

“Why Not Me?

Why NOT MY Mouse-House At Least?

I’m An IMPORTANT Man–A ‘Writer!

I Got Shit To WRITE!

I NEED Electricity/Internet to Accomplish/Publish This Shite!

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