YEP! In Need of a Soft Woman. “Dear God, Please Hear My Atheist Prayer,” But I Figure, ‘What The Hell?’

(No Pun GOD–I Am SERIOUS) What The Hell I Got To Lose At This Point?’ I Have Always Been A Sucker For The Long Odds Anyway

Living Inside My Heart


Lance Moron Note:

This Vid quality is BELOW Bottom Shelf

I Will endeavor to Find a Better One


A Thousand Apologies

Cred: Asshole Seger


God, I Just Want Some Pretty Girl To Lay/Lie Down Beside Me.

And Keep Me Company.

Until I Die.

She Can Have All-My-Money

Linda is so beautiful.

A treasure to be treasured.

I feel really sick. I am not well. I wish now more than ever that I had a Good Woman to lay (I know ‘lay’ is not the proper word but I will not fuck up the song with Grammar Police Bullshit) down beside me, wrap her arms around me, comfort me and hold me tight as I fall asleep.

That is all I want at this moment: A kind, soft of nature, loving, caring gentle woman. (Linda would be my first choice, but Carly would suffice as well–if she be around and in town and not busy.)

Fun Fact: Kris K Wrote this song below

Or even my second wife: She was a good woman and she loved me. She was ‘soft’ and she truly loved me. Much more than I loved myself.


Linda, I’m gonna love you for a long long long time.

Even after I die.

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