Little Bird

Jerry Jeff

My Main Man

I Forgive you that paralyzed fact that you are from

Up-State New York

Street cred for vid: 709Austin

Fun fact I just noticed. (And I generally notice a lot…. Bullshit!

I generally Miss mos ever’thang. missed this one first time around…

Fun fact; One of the dudes in the band is Nat Maines daddy…. Lloyd)

(Helpful Hint: He’s the dude on the steel gee tar.)

Mister Lloyd Maines:


If you do not laugh at this, you are not human.

From a recently sent email string to a woman I am trying to woo…. and failing ‘Les Miserables’ at it.


A little bird landed on my vehicle. I approached/reproached said little bird. Then Asked,

“What do you want, Little Bird?”

Little Bird said,”I have a msg for you.”

“Do tell, and do not shit on my car.”

He/she said (difficult to establish gender in these situations) He/She/It said,

“Marla is bored with you. Move on”

“Thanks” I said, as I went back into mi casa…. looking for my shotgun…


I came back.
Little bird was gone.
I shot out my head-lights anyway.
No point in wasting my rage.
Or my big-ass twelve gauge.


Hour later, a policeman showed up
I invited him to go get fucked.

Probably not the wisest words ever to ever escape my lips.


Author’s note adddd-end-um:

This was supposed to be a ‘light’ post.

I fucked it up.

I dropped in a very sad song.

By Jerry Jeff

A ‘Lost Gonzo Band’ song I have been listening to all my nat’ral life.

But I never really listened to the words.

Until now.

Wish I hadn’t.

5 thoughts on “Little Bird

  1. Was first released on his 1968 Mr Bojangles album. Most people remember it from the 1973 Viva Terlingua album. I used to attend his birthday parties at the Driscoll hotel and out at Luckenbach.

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