“Call-Ment Me” Yes! Slightly Fukken Up-Dated–To The Full Extent Word-Piss Will Allow, Anyhow


Good Morning and Good Friday

Now I realize hearing rock music this early in the morning is probably not everyone’s cup of tea/joe/gin/sloe gin/slow joe, or other.

However, I do have a small request and I have bastardized  appropriated  stolen this song to illustrate it.

Graphically and Acoustically.

I love all y’all’s comments. (But damnit! they ain’t enuff of ’em)

So… listen to the song (it will wake you up, not necessarily in a good way, but wake you it will. (Little ‘Yoda’ comin’ there at’cha) And please be sure to crank up the volume to get the ‘full benefit’.

And take a sec to comment (good or bad) on my stuff. Well, the stuff you choose to read anyhow, as feedback is the song of my soul. And it is good and it is good for you. That is, if you come here for ‘value’ anyway.

Yes: Take some time; drop a dime; make a rhyme; throw in a lime; give me some time (Friends! Romans! Texans! and ‘others’; Lend me your beers.)

Okay: That made absolutely no sense what-so-ever, but feel me?

Happy Good Friday to all my good friends


Debbie Harry, Call Me  Baby. Call me “Collect”

If Your Needs Be.

I will ALWAYS Accept the Charges.

Here is My Ref:

Fuk”UPut Your “Money On The Table And Drive It Off The Lot”

Comment Me!

Any… Anytime

Call Me, Dammit! Et, By the way, je parle français. Je suis bi-illiterate

18 thoughts on ““Call-Ment Me” Yes! Slightly Fukken Up-Dated–To The Full Extent Word-Piss Will Allow, Anyhow

  1. Love it! Loved the song! LOVE starting my day with rock-n-roll 🙂 And thanks for a memory – when I first met my husband, my in-laws had a round bed – with mirrors above & on one wall – yeah they were pretty “hip” if I might say so myself 🙂 And def agree with Mark – I never know what I’m gonna get when I visit your site – love that, too!!

  2. Who the fuck…is CCR?
    (You Bloody well know I am joking)
    Thank you Mad Annie.
    You cracked me up
    Oh yeah!
    You make me smile.

  3. Ah shit! Sarah! I misplaced your reply.
    *shell shocked here now–not facetious–honored)
    A fellow traveling traveler… (at the is hmmmm)
    *shut up Lance* git to the ‘thank you for commenting part*
    OK OK..
    Ah hem…
    I am honored that you came to my site. And I hope that d’ere furst chile will be a manly chile.”
    “How did I do?”
    (Now Sarah, if you have never seen “The Godfather” I just made a complete ass of me…at my expense, (but a fun story you may tell)
    For decades (see how vain I am?)
    Seriously: 😉

  4. I’m not entirely sure how my roommate feels about my receiving the “full benefit” of this song. Ha! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I’m glad it did. 🙂 Life is funny just as it is. And even funnier when you insert Madonna! Like a Virgin…for the very first time! OMG….thanks again! lol

  6. Laura, my Dear, I serve at your leisure and pleasure.
    i.e. Happy to oblige Lady.
    Enjoy the earworm.
    Thank you for coming by and for commenting.
    (I also love Madonna)
    But we still good, yes?
    Your comment made me smile. And that, is worth all.

  7. Never was much of a Blondie fan. And gee thanks for this….I saw her again when she was one of the many guests at SF’s black and white ball maybe 10 years ago or so…can’t quite remember. And she was definitely a blonde bombshell in the worst way. Yikes! It was awful! That’s for those lovely earworms this morning!! LOL

  8. My Good God! Mark! You are the first one to verbalize that.
    Yes, c’est moi.
    This is the best comment ever!
    (gonna have it bronzed)

    Sincerely Mark,
    Wow! Thank you for ‘getting’ me.
    It is good now and then to get got.

    Lance, The Finally Gotten, if not The Chosen, one.

  9. You are very stream-of-consciousness, Lance. Sometimes I feel like I should put on my broom ball helmet before I read your posts so I’m prepared to bounce off the four walls with you.

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