In The Jungle. The Mighty Jungle, Your Prostate Sleeps Tonight.

What A Drag it is Getting Old

Whaaaa The Fuk?!

WTF Has Happened to my Once Young,


Vibrant BODY?!

(Well, At Least My Sense O’ Humor is Still In tack–Y’all Caint Never Take That Away From Me!)


My Prostate Needs To Get Back-in-the-G’damn Game!

“I Just Wish To Take a ‘Proper Piss

(In The sink)

Is That too Much to Ask?


“No Son. It Ain’t About Shit.

It is all about Piss, You Moron!”

“No Shit,” I replied

“Will You Still Love Me

Will You Still Feed me

When I’m Sixty-Four?”

“That ship has long ago left port Asshole”


“Damn, I guess I Missed Ship’s Movement

Now I am twice properly fucked?”


Good Luck Asshole!”

“Never ’bout my ass, Asshole. ‘Bout my prostrate.”

“Oh. Of Course. Sorry”


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