Pigs In A Blanket: This Post Is Insulting–Sorry. More Wasted Pearls-cast-at-Swine. Facebook Nonsense Posted By Me. “Latest Styles & Colors!” & Baghdad! (Note To Self: “Self, Don’t Shit Where You Eat”)

Baghdad. I Want To Go Back To Baghdad!

Animaniacs – Baghdad Cafe

Cred For Vid Share: rainbowzzzzzzzz

New Looney Tunes | Baghdad Bugs Makes Wishes

Cred Fer Sure: Boomerang UK


I am working on a new post,

but it is too heavy for


Will publish it on my Blog.


Stay Loony-Tuned!


I have six or seven pages of copious notes to make sense of.

May take a day or two.

Meantime, I just drop this bit of frivolity in.

“Latest Styles & Colors!”

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