NO! Do NOT Look At This: It is a Sad Commentary. Depressing And Somewhat Up-Lifting All At-The-Same-Time. Put That In Yer Pipe–Smoke It. Perhaps You’ll Catch A Buzz

“Desperately Dire Straits”

Oh Fukken Forget it!

I Am A Cock-Eyed Optimist

And Shall Remain Thusly Such


For Fricken EVER


I Miss My NAVY–Have I ever Lamented this?

“A Hundred And One Pounds of Fun”

(Perfectly Describes My Third Wife)

“Cock-Eyed Optimist”

Don't Drown Lance.
At least one shall miss you.
And your bullshit

Money For Nothing

Vid Cred: mzq88


I tripped on a cloud and flew eight miles high—

My mind Has Left the building.

Vid Cred: Too many to sort out.


Fuck it! I suppose I could credit ‘Kenny Rogers and The First Edition’ Yeah.

At least I can do that. At the very least… I can do that.

Suppose I just did.

Yer Welcome Kenny.

Only thing you ever did that was worth a shit


This Post is all-over-some place.

Sorry. Not Sorry

Text-Book Example of My Mind – Malfunction Junction

Dire Straits…


This is painful.

Because I am a proud veteran and proud of my macho almost Navy SEAL times two service attempts

(At least I showed up—twice)


I come with hat in hand.

Anyone reads me with regularity knows I am an alcoholic.

Pretty much a ‘functioning one’


Money management is something I have always sucked at.

But I always maintained a backstop insurance policy.

A woman.

A rich woman.

A women I spent a great deal of my money and time when I worked in Iraq and Afghanistan, flying her all over the world to meet for for R&R’s… Barcelona, Rome, Dubai, London, on and on…

You know her name.

It starts with an R and ends with a…

Never mind.

I have spilt lots of ink on her already.

Point is, she has decided to cut me off in my last hour of need.

Refused  to HBO!

Help a Brother Out!

I will run out of booze and life within half a day.

You know what happens when that happens?

DT Man.

Then I die

Came close to that LAST TIME

I do not wish to go through that agin.

DT Man scares me more than any man

And, trust me, Gentle Reader:

I do not scare easy.

But he scares me.

He is hell-bent to kill me.

If you value me.

Or my work

And enjoy it.

Help me out

Call me


Email me

Help me.




I do hope Y’all Know This is all Tongue-Firmly-Planted-in-My-Cheek


Spare me a dime??

Or A rhythm?

I Do LOVE Gene Kelly

AN AMERICAN IN PARIS (’51): “I Got Rhythm”


“I Got Rhythm”

Who Could Ask For Anything More?

Truth Be told..

I Place more value on the rhymeI

Love Judy Collins

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