The Sounds Of Silence Are Defens-ing Expanded & Really, Really Stupid–A Pity-Party for Me.

This is Really Stupid, Yet Deserves Just One Last Re- Look. With Me? “Come Along Grow Old With Me; The Best is Yet to Be” (I Stole that verbiage off’n an old sundial I discover’d in My Daddy’s Backyard N/M!

Word Around the Campfire: “Lance is Drunk”–Again) (Snow, Texas (NO) Power & Light, Abusive Muse: True Love of My Life, All Mish-Mashed Together. Snow Ice-Cream Anyone? I’m buyin’. BYOVE–Bring Yer Own Vanilla Extract: I drank all of Mine

Lance’s Little Chariot:


“Lance This Is Your Life”


I almost ‘did’ this scene (first one below) in 1979 when I flew from The Sinai Desert, Egypt to Texas to STOP the Wedding of My Highschool Sweatheart.

I was 4 hours late! By the time I got there, they were already heading for their honeymoon in Waco! Worst day of my young life up to that point!

P.S. My Girl was even more beautiful than Kate Ross

True Story!

Now What?

U Caught Her

What Yu Gonna do With Her??

Throw her Back?

Don’t Think so!

Vid Share Cred:

An aside: Katherine Ross is The Most Beautiful Woman In The History of “Woman.”—Except for MY GIRL–But Precisely Why My MS Muse is Moniker’ed “Katherine.”

I cannot doxx My Girl by Naming My Muse After Her…

And “The Graduate” is one of the Greatest Movies Ever Made.—Don’t Believe Me?—Just Ask My Muse, Katherine. She’ll Set You Straight as you are picking yourself up off the floor. (Remember, She has that Devastation Right Hook. And, Trust me on this: She Does Not Suffer Fools)

And Yes!

I wrote a University Paper On This Movie as Well.

For My “Film & Literature Class”


Woke up in Total Darkness

And To The Sound of Silence. 

No CNN White Noise.

No computer purring/whirring.

Not even MS Muse Stirring.


Power was out!

Looked out my back door.

Then it all made sense.

Shut the door and went back inside.

Fumbled around and found my flashlight.

Discovered a note pinned to my pillow.

It was from MS Muse (Who else?)

It Read:

“Hey Asshole, (She is so sweet), I am mounting my broom and flying the fuck outta this dump. You may reach me at The Magnuson Hotel (they have a backup generator) once you get this shit sorted and the lights back on.

Meantime, Light a candle and continue working.

I’m watching you. Never think I’m not”

First time I heard this Bill Withers’ Masterpiece, the Radio Man came on immediately after the song had finished and provided his ‘insight:’

He said,

“I counted the ‘I know, I know, I know’s’


And you’re welcome.”

I had to laugh because I was tryin’ to count them too.

I lost count and failed. DJ Man succeeded.

Guess that was why he was spinning records for money.

And I was spinning my wheels in Small-Town Texas World.

For No Money


And Never Forget Ann Bancroft, aka:

‘Mrs. Robinson’

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Are You Trying To Seduce Me?

Guess What?

Your Efforts Are Working


Added Value For “Upbeat” Happy Purposes Only

Few Better Than ‘The Dino’

Vid Cred: I Don’t Recall

4 thoughts on “The Sounds Of Silence Are Defens-ing Expanded & Really, Really Stupid–A Pity-Party for Me.

  1. a sundial! I have one. The stand it is on was carved my my great uncle from Floyd quarry stone S of HG. I think the date is 1931 or something. Meanwhile, flying from Sinai to Waco? Crap, that ain’t exactly non-stop.
    I did stop by Billy Joe Shaver’s grave there a couple weeks ago.

  2. Dear Friend shehannemoore,

    Not sure ‘Epic’ is the word I’d choose here.
    I think ‘Chocolate mess’ is more accurate.



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