Molly on H. Ross Perot: A Repost

Watch the vid.


Nuff said

We love You Molly!

You Texan Bitch!

“There’ a lot to like there”

There’s a lot to NOT LIKE Here: (And I mean Falwell–Love Hitch)

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7 thoughts on “Molly on H. Ross Perot: A Repost

  1. I have been on a “Hitch-Kick” for some time now. Currently reading “Hitch 22”. Highly recommend. The man was a genius.
    And Molly? What can I say? Love her. True Texan Woman.
    Thanks very much for your time and for your visit. I appreciate your comments here as well.

  2. love the molly, too. good to hear the hitchens, rip to both. i think he’s completely right, re the Reverend title and the entitlement that comes with it.

  3. Hahaha!
    Not familiar with that one.
    She was a Texas Treasure to be for sure.
    Thanks for readin’ an’ listenin and commentin”. Appreciate that.

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