Trolling For Baited Breath. Someone Just Called Me a “Troll.” Am I Such As That? I Honestly Don’t Know! Take That! For That! Rat A Tat Tat Tat! Tit For Tat!

This Is A
Troll Free Zone!

“Dear Peggy, Just ‘Bee’ Happy”

And Sing.

Even if it Fits Your Swan… Song

Vid Share Cred: Peacock Kids


Someone Just Called me a “Troll”
Am I?

I don’t Know.

Don’t Think So.

Perhaps… A Little

But Ain’t We All. To some Degree?


No! I know!

Troll? I am none!

I am a decent, caring, good, honest man.

I say what I mean and I mean what I say.
Here is some proof, Ruth:

Peggy Ames… (Last Name redacted) :

“Soul Alchemy I am not sure but I think L. Marcom Is a troll! If not there appears to be other issues there that responding to could create further issues! At least be observant!”

My Respond To Peggy Ames:

“Dear Lady (BTW, My Mother’s Name was “Peggy’–May she rest in peace. You are not my mother–so do not pass unsustainable judgements on me)

I am going to leave you with this (Yes. Your insult cut me to the quick and hurt much)

From my recent post on FB:

“Someone Just Called me a “Troll”

“Troll?” I am none!

I am a decent, caring, sharing, (somewhat daring) good man.

God-damn it! Never a ‘Troll’. I take the time.

And Drop My Dime to comment on posts I ‘Like.’

I am no ‘Drive-by Liker.’

People deserve feedback when they post something that they spent some time constructing.

That’s all.

I am not a ‘Troll” I am a good, gracious, (somewhat humble) man.

Here is proof:”

Already dropped that in… see above Peggy. ‘Callen’


Hey Peggy!

Keep Them Doggies Movin’!

I’d Venture A Wager That’s The One Thing You’re Great At:

Staring at The Ass-End of Cows.

As They Keep Trying to Move Far Far and Farther Away From You.

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