On-Going Sad Saga: “Of COURSE I Was Correct!

I Was Correct! Here Was My Heady, Bona-Fried “Brilliant” Prediction From Months Ago: “Russia is Gonna Invade Ukraine.” Yes. Lance Is A Rocket Scientist

I Am So Fukkin “Prescient” & Smart!



You Don’t Strap On A Condom If You Don’t Intend to Fuk! Over A Hundred Thousand troops On The border!

Are You fukkin’ Kidding Me?”

I Stand With Ukraine!

Roads to Moscow

Credit: Al Stewart


My Last Wife was Married to a Ukrainian;

Be’fore I stole Her Away From Him,

I Met him.

We became fast friends

(He was a Veteran of the Afghan Came-Pain Game)

Was wounded in battle

Uncle Bob:


We connected.

We Had A-lot In Common–Namely a Woman)


What’s Sleepy Joe gonna Do?

Fuckin’ Nothing!

Absolutely Fukking Nothing

‘Cept Maybe Take A Nap


“Roads To Moscow”

“They crossed over the border, the hour before dawn
Moving in lines through the day
Most of our planes were destroyed on the ground where they lay
Waiting for orders we held in the wood…”

Cred: Al Stewart


On The Border

This is a Sad Song, but so

Meaningful for Today

I’m Just Glad

I’m on The Back-Nine of Life


I Won’t Live To See What Is About to Happen

I Don’t Wanna Live To see The Day


What Is About To Happen,

Cred For Share:

sherrylynn70 aka Sentimental Journey Productions

KIEV, UKRAINE – JANUARY 9: A rally “Say no to Putin” is held in Kiev, Ukraine on January 9, 2021. Ukrainian nationalists are displeased with the interference of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the internal affairs of Kazakhstan. Russia sent about 3,000 troops to Kazakhstan to quell protests. (Photo by Stringer/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Fuk You CNN!

I MAY Get Back to This


Maybe Not

It Just Makes Me Angry

And Sad

Sad For The Country

We Once Stood So Proudly For

Our Mores

Where did they go?

For those of u who think I cannot speell,

Or Discount my self-inflicted incarceration



“Mores are the customs, norms, and behaviors that are acceptable to a society or social group.”

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