Monkey World. We’re Livin’ In.

Contact Yer Next ‘O Kin!

(Or Your Best Mes-I-can)

No Borders! No Fear Dear! Fuk You Fauci

And All Yer Fauci-Ouchies & CDC! CDC Fuk U As Well. Go to Hell!

Salt Man On Monkeys:

Fuk U CDC!

I’m Livin’ My Life!

Take Your Quarantine


Shove it

Up Yer Azz!


WuFlu Without Borders!


“On The Border”

Cred: Al Stewart



P.S., If any one of my readers has lost a loved one to this virus, I am so sorry. This is just a frivolous, smart-ass’d tongue-in-cheek post. Constructed for Humor–That’s All. Mocking the hysteria



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