“Silver Linings Play Book” Caution: Man Working Work-in-Progress–I Recently Re-Watched…

Got’s Me Lots Of Opinions On This One. All Respectful

And Good Of Course.

So Don’t Get Worried

Nor Winded from screaming

At Me

First Running Encounter

“Love At First Argument”

Jen’s Show me Your ‘War-Face’ Face:

Silver Linings Playbook – Diner Scene FULL


Full Metal Jacket

Sgt Hartman:

“Show me your ‘War Face”

Love is often a battlefield

Credit: Pat Benatar


“The Dance”


Try to figure out why.

Ask yourself why

Helpful Hint:

It is All About Insanity

And Being Broken,

Yet Finding True Love Anyway

Hits way too close to my Home/life-Experiences With Good Women.

Crazy Women.

They Draw Me As A Moth To A Flame

Comments are magical