Re-Iterated And Re-Irritated & Re-Re-Gurgitated Re-Post–Don’t Even Ask Me Why. “Cynthia Just Re-Tunr’d Fast Up To My Door…”

She Had Escaped Hospital (As Have I–Far Too Many Times)

Please Re-Look. OK OK O’Kay?

Warning! This Post Makes Absolutely NO SENSE! And The ‘See-quents’ of ‘Events are all fukk’d UP.

I Hugged Her Far Too Deep

I Purr’d in her ear:

“I Love You Cynthia”

Yada, Yada Yada! Just give me the G’Damn Bread-Spread!”

She Re-Coiled

At My Embrace!

Who Could Blame her?”

Crazy White boy?

She asked me if I wanted her to wash my Bed-Spread

I said,

“No! You already work too

Hard for your money”

She just said,

“Shut the fuk up and give it to me.”

I did, without even a whimper

She Left.

Avec My Bed-Spred

Bella My Donna!


Madonna – Hung Up

Yeah! I love



Git Over it!

Fore-Evermore Sexy and Beautiful


Obviously I’m Hung Up On You

Had NOT Seen her in Gog Knows Forever!

She Never answers my emails…

And I sit around, wondering why

So Cynthia Promised To Lend …

Some Money To a Moron, (C’est Moi) And Schlep Him to The Liquor Store This Afternoon, So That DT Man Would Haunt His Door No More.

I Am Bless’d By An Angel.

Juice Newton – Angel Of The Morning:

I’m Sorry to be an asshole, but her hair ain’t there. It’s Fake

Da Juice:


Cynthia works hard for her money

Donna/Cynthia Works Hard for the Money:

Cred For Vid Share: Donna

Since Cynthia is always so busy, I lay down for a nap and waited.

Woke up from my coma

Thinking she had not been there/here

Then I discovered this parked (below foto) by my head

And I Wept.

Tears of Joy

I Have Never, Ever deserved such good people in my life

I am such an asshole to ever have doubted her good graciousness

And now I just found out she is not well

I Hope She is OK

I don’t wanna walk around on a planet without her on it


“There Must Be Some Kind of Way Outta Here.”

The Jimi Hendrix Experience –

All Along The Watchtower

Cred: Jimi–Must I really Verbalize It?–Sheesh!


“Accept That, Or Get To Work”


I truly am Blessed

Not By Some Man-Made Bullshit Fake Deity,

But By a TRUE Friend

And Yu Gotta Have Friends


Nuff Said


I LOVE You My Cynthia!

More Than Cash MoneyPlease get Well!


DT Man Scares The Shit Outta Me!

(And I Don’t Scare Easily)

He’s An Evil Relentless Mutha-Fukker Bastard

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