If Anyone By Happenstance, Or Wanna-Be Circumstance, Happens To Stumble Upon My Milk Carton Visage Missing Brain,

Please FedEx it to me. Post-Haste.

I Am Thanking You In Advance


I Need it. It Needs to Come Home. I Will Pay For The Shipping Charges And Also Pay You a Finder’s Fee “Flame WARS! The Battle is Joined!”

pLEASE wATCH tHE vID. iT IS epic! I Have an ALL CAPS Problem–Sorry–i aM sEEKING tHeRapy

My Daddy once said to me:

“I live in my own little world, but it’s


They know me there.”


Required Watching / Reading / Needing / Heeding

“I Didn’t Start The Flame War”

Street Cred: College Humor


I didn’t Start the Fire.

I just poured gasoline on it.

Street Cred for Vid: CollegeHumor:


Ed. Note: This Post is All Borked/Fucked Up.


I’ll TRY to FIX it LATER)

Maybe… Maybe Not...

I truly do have better things to do

Believe it

Or Not!

Uncle Bob




I Never Credit Them Enuff

(No One Does)

They Were The Backbone of His Band

I-Threes. Please Enjoy With Me:



Everywhere is WAR!



I Read it


Wrote An A-Plus University Paper On It

So What?


Finally Getting to The Point:

Peggy Ames (Last Name Redacted)

Had This Comment on My Comment:

“Soul Alchemy I am not sure but I think L. Marcom Is a troll! If not there appears to be other issues there that responding to could create further issues! At least be observant!”


Of Course,

I had to respond


From my Facefuk Page:

Someone Just Called me a “Troll”
Troll? I am none!
I am a decent, caring, good and decent man.
Here is proof:

To Peggy Ames I wrote:

Dear Lady (BTW, My Mother’s Name was “Peggy’–May she rest in peace. You are not my mother–so do not pass unsustainable judgements on me) I am going to leave you with this (Yes. Your insult cut me to the quick and hurt much)

From my recent post on FB: “Someone Just Called me a “Troll”

“Troll?” I am none!

I am a decent, caring, sharing, (somewhat daring) good man.

God-damn it! Never a ‘Troll’. I take the time to comment on posts I ‘Like.’ I am no ‘Drive-by Liker.’ People deserve feedback when they post something that they spent some time constructing.

That’s all.

I am not a ‘Troll” I am a good, gracious, (somewhat humble) man Here is proof:”

Already dropped that in… see above Peggy. ‘Callen’

Comments are magical