I Keep Walking On Walls Just trying to Keep My Sanity Wrapped About Me. Stop Spinnin’ My Head…

I Just wanna go to bed.

And Catch Me Some ZZ’s

Good Music to Fall Asleep To:

(The Good Ole Daze–When I Was So Young And Dumb)


I walk a fine line

And Thanks Johnny For Commiserating


Huh? What?

How Did This Vid Sneak Into My Post?

Y’all Know How I Despised ‘The Eighties’

Cred: The Police–I think.


Funny as fuk Story:

Empty–Perfectly Describes My Mind

Lisa, My Third…

Used to go about Commerce,

Late at night

At all Hours

Lookin’ for me. Isn’t that funny?

Not Really

It is a very sad commentary

She knew not what she wished for

Eventually I managed to marry her

Carly, My Darling!

(In Your Dreams Lance Asshole!)


Patsy, You Were Then and Still Now

Always The BEST of All the Rest


You Know I Can’t Sleep–

Guess We’ll Be Tougher for a long, long Time

Walk the Line (2005) Trailer: 

(Ooops I screwed this up–try agin.)

Johnny Cash – I Walk the Line (Man in Black: Live in Denmark)

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