Someone Actually ‘Read’ This.. So Natch, What Does Lance Do? (Yeah, I’m Tryin’ To Be ‘Hip’ But I Am About Three Bubbles Off Plumb)

Off Plumb, but still workin’ the problem


I Think Y’all Already Know: Re-Post! Hahaha! (So That Others Might ‘Enjoy’) This Bread Is Dead: It Falls Apart Every Time I Even Look At It

The Tuna Fish Song:

Cred: fretkillrlives

I Just Wanted A Tuna-Mish Sammich

Oh Hell No Cowboy!

Not So Fast!


Took Me Five Minuets Just to Open the GD Can

Things Went Down-Hill From There.

As You May Well Imagine–

And If You Know Me:

You Can Well Imagine

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