Severely Related To My Last… Lance Health Update: “I Think I’m Gonna Barf.”

Well, that passed.”

I love you Margie

(You Too Frances)

Mississippi Burning (1988) – Hatred Is Taught Scene

“You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught”



Fargo (1996) Official Trailer: MGM Studios



“I Saw So Much I Broke My Mind.”


“Stoned Again?!”

How I Do Wish!

Cannot Even Remember That Last Time!

Probably Circa 1979

Not Rememberin’

Guess That Was The Entire Point of The Whole Exercise!

7 thoughts on “Severely Related To My Last… Lance Health Update: “I Think I’m Gonna Barf.”

  1. DFWSteve,

    ‘Bailin’ wire?
    We used to call that,
    Not certain why!
    That’s a lie
    We knew damn well.

  2. Workarounds. Yes. That’s why I carry a pair of vise grips, some duct tape and baling wire in my vehicle.

  3. Oh!
    Fuk it!
    I tried!
    There must ALWAYS Be A Work-Around!
    I have Based My Whole Life’s Philosophy on This!

  4. Great Friend Steve,

    Thank YOU!
    I Thank you for your time
    I thank you for….
    Lost my mind/train
    But.. You know

    No matter:
    I KNOW
    The Wino & I know…

    God-Damn it!
    NO Thumb Nail
    Guess you’ll just hav’ta trust me!
    Call it a ‘Leap-of-Faith’

    I’m not REALLY a Drunk
    I just play one on WP!

    B’leave that?

    ‘Gullible’ is just a scare word.
    Try This:

  5. Lance, here’s to your good – or improving health (as I hoist my Yeti mug of cue-ball ice, half a lime and Topo Chico).

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