And Yes. All Those Rumors Are True: Lance is an Insane Idiot. And WordPress…

Why The Fuck Cannot I Edit This Fucking Post? I Am So Piss’d Off Right Now, I Could Spit!

Since I Remain In U.S. Navy War in the South Pacific Posture… “Something Wrong” Ronstadt? Are You There? Do You Care?

And FU WordPress!

Why Cannot I Edit This Chocolate Mess?

Fuck You WordPress!!

(This Post Is A Chocolate Mess–All Over The Place)

Atomic Café:

There must be something inherently wrong…

Yes. This is Joni’s Song.

She Wrote it.

Judy Collins Merely Stole it

Something inherently, just wrong, with a man who can love Joni Mitchell–Mitchell and LBJ all in the same virtual ‘sentence’

I have seen idiots from ‘Both Sides Now’ And… I have been the ‘Both Sides’ Idiot. Still am, I suppose.

Well, there you have it: My virtual dichotomy.

I love ‘em both.

Surely it is a Southern/Texan thang.

I surely do hope so.

For, if so, there is still hope for those of us who call ‘Texas’ our home.

We do ‘sailor on’…

There will be some commentary on “The Atomic Cafe” soon…


Bonus ‘Added Value’ Below

Credit: ClassicPerformances2

OOO! Atom Bomb Linda Baby!

Cred for Vid: ClassicPerformances2

Street cred for vid: ClassicPerformances2

Thank You Linda for helping me Tie a Bow on This One

And Put It To BED

OK. I lied.

(Never trust any words that come out of a sailor’s mouth.)


I have expended a lot of virtual ink on Linda.

But I ain’t no where near to being done here.

Vis-à-Vis Linda


I Love YOU Linda!

Street Cred for Vid: skychurchify


Cred for Vid: RHINO


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