Woe To The Wheeless Wheelbarrow

Throwin’ Back to The War Whut Just Ended.

In jest.

“Sorry Boys. We was just joshin’ ya.”

“Hey Tally-Man! C’mon back! We cool!”


Heard this exchange on the handheld radio while in Afghanistan in 2012. (The Labor guys are Romanian and have that thick accent; The Plumber is American and without an interesting accent whatsoever…)

Call in the dogs.
Fuk The Non-Existent Frogs
Piss on the fire.
We Be Dun he’ah.



“Labor Two, this is Plumber One, copy?”

“Go for Labor Two…”

“Yessir, you told me you were gonna remove that dirt when you got the wheelbarrow.”

“Come back, Sir! You breakin’ up!”

“I SAID, You told me you gonna move that DIRT once you got the WHEEL–BARROW.”

“BREAK BREAK BREAK! This is Labor One.”

“Yessir, this is Plumber One. You promised me you gonna have your guys move that dirt from my job site when you got your wheelbarrow.”

“Sir, that wheelbarrow we got, got no wheel.”

***Pregnant Pause***

“Labor Two, this is Labor One. Look in connex. Tell me you got wheel for dis wheelbarrow.”

“Good Copy, Sir. We have.”

“You have wheel for dis wheelbarrow?”

“Yessir! We have wheel.”

“Okay. You check see if dis wheel is good one.”

“Yessir, dis wheel, she is good one.”

“Okay. Five mikes, I be dere. You wait me dere. I come see dis wheel.”

***Few minutes later***

“Plumber One, dis is Labor One, where you want dis wheelbarrow?”

“Labor One, this is Plumber One. Next to the dirt.”

“Ok, five mikes I be dere…”

So, my question is: what do you call a wheelbarrow without a wheel?

A “barrow?”

And what the hell good is it?

And so it went there at Camp Dwyer, during the war… Afghan-is-sand… 

Oh! Found a “use” For Wheel-Less Wheel-Barrows, But Probably would not have served us well in Afghanistan…



Lots of Sand


Bonus Just Fer Fun:

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