Yes! I Am Pure ‘D’ Ole White Trash! White Trash Ingenuity: Making Black Coffee Without A Coffee Percolator. Step-By-Step Instructions May Be Found Within

But First

Just To Get Your “In The Proper Moody” Mood Warmed UP:

“Black Velvet”

by Alannah Myles

I Truly Do LOVE This Song.

Just My Humble Opinion

(Bitch Sings Her Heart Out–Don’t She)


And Hey Yu-Tube, Why Are You So Stupid?

You Always Force Me Into Performing a “Work-Around” And Yes! Once Again, I Fuked-Up This Post!


(Have I Mentioned Lately How Much I Love and Adore/Admire & Worship Joni?)

Joni Mitchell – Harry’s House

“Shining Hair and Shining Skin, Shining As She Reeled Him In”

“Watching those high fashion girls
Skinny black models with raving curls
And beauty parlor blondes with credit card eyes
Looking for the chic and the fancy
To buy”

“He Bought Her A Dishwasher And A Coffee Peculator”

What Else Could A Woman Possibly Need?

Cred: Joni Journey et al


Hissing of Summer Lawns



Cred: Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa – “Black Coffee



Credit: ExplosmEntertainment


• I Am Out of Instant Coffee

• I Am Out of Money
• I Asked Timothy, My Neighbor, if He Had Any Instant Coffee. He said “No, But I Have This.”
• He Handed me a Container of Folgers Ground and said “You can have the whole thing; I don’t drink that shit.
• I said “Much Obliged. I can make this Work.”


Step One: Scoop Some Coffee Into A Cup Of Hot Tap Water

Step Two: Stir Things Up

Stir It Up

Bob Marley & The Wailers

Cred For Vid: IRON-LION-ZION-777

(You’ll Need The Advil PM Later)

Step Three: NUKE IT

Step Four: Strain Through Thin Fabric.

I Prefer HANES Under-Drawers But You Do You.

“Inspector #12”

Cred For Share: ewjxn

If available, use a clean pair of drawers, if not (as in my case) try to steer clear of the crotch area. Use the ‘back-side’, close to the hip, or just find a ‘semi-clean’ six square-inch section or so.

Step Five: ENJOY:


“Black Coffee”

Cred: Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa


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