I Am Trying Desperate Hard To Not Be An Ass-Hole. I Do Fear I May Be Failing In This Noble Enterprise.

“The hardest thing a Man can do is to go against his own nature.”



But It Is A Work-In-Progress. Please ‘Bare’ Bear? W/Me More Over Rover, PPL Sent I. I’m drunk In Spite of What I Wrote Below,

I Really Am A Fan of Bobby Darin… “Ah So! Metta Mook.” What Does That Even Mean? Honestly, I Don’t Care. It Works For Me.

Who Am I Kidding?
No-One Ever Calls Me
(Unless They want Money)

I’m Sorry Y’all, but WordPress Is Fukkking Up This Post!

Believe Me!

I’m Peddling As Fast As I Can!


Ref: https://texantales.com/2021/12/30/fuk-me-i-am-tryin-real-hard-to-be-happy/


Mack et Al


Want Lance In Your Life?

“The Line Forms To the Right.”

Cred For Vid Share: shazi52 (And Bobby D.)

“Beyond the Sea”

Cred For Shared Vid: NRRArchives


Scrazy Spacey

As Bobby Daring

“The King of Cool”

“Could It Be Our Boy’s Done Somethin’ Rash?”

Yes. It is in the Realm Of Possibility


So Kevin Got ‘Cancelled’

For So Stupid ‘Indiscretions’

Ask Me How Many Fuks I Give.


I Love The Art;

Don’t Mean I Necessarily Love The ‘Artist’


Ed. Note:

I’m Done Screwin’ Around

With This Post!


You win!

(For Now)

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