Writer’s Block

Chicago – 25 or 6 to 4 – 7/21/1970 – Tanglewood

Searching for Some Thing to Say

Twenny – Five Or Six To Four:

Cred: Band ‘Chicago’


Oh Yeah;

C’est Me

P.S. If You Don’t Know The Genesis Of This Song, You Probably Have Swerved Onto The Wrong Blog. Please Take Your Leave Quietly. And Don’t Forget To Shut The Door On Your Way Out. I Have an Aversion to Flies. Thank You.

And, Yes. I’m An Asshole.

This is Not New News

Just Deal With It.

Or Go Permanent Away



Denis Leary – Asshole

Brilliant Video. Guess Why I LOVE It

You Get Three Guesses,

But I Suspect

You’re Only Gonna Need Just One

‘Cause I’m An Asshole!


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