These Memories Always Make Me Cry. I Am Such A Hapless, Helpless, Hopeless & Hopeful Romantic. But I Will Never Change. Don’t Wanna.

This Is Just A “Warm-Up”–I Wanna Write So Much More About My Six Lived Months In Amman, Jordan

And I Shall. Write More About It–Those Wonderful Days—“Those Were The Days My Friend…

We Thought They’d Never End”

Maggie and Hala Used to Sing This Song around The Office In Amman.

They Were So Charming!

I miss them so much!

(I Have Photos, But They are On My Broken Computer–


OK. I Do Have One:

Lance and Hala—In Amman, Jordan


Why Is My Life So Diff-O-Kite?

Mary Hopkin – Those Were The Days 



How many women have I loved (and lost)???

Better Dust off that TI Calculator

I worked in Amman Jordan for six months.
(Parsons/Bechtel evacuated Iraq at the end of our project—USAID Rural Water Project)

We had completed all the ‘on-the-ground’-work.
Nothing left to do but finalize the paper-work.
We could do this in Jordan.

It was ‘safer

So said Parsons—No need to get anyone else kilt in Iraq—Made sense I suppose.

I protested.
To no avail.

I wanted to remain in Iraq.
Guess what?

My opinions did not matter.
So I flew to Amman.

Parsons maintained an office there.
Employed locals.

An aside/preamble:
Jordan has some of the most beautiful women in the world.

“Danger Will Robinson!”

–AKA Lance Marcom

I fell hard for one of them.
Working in that Office of Parsons’
Her name was Margarete

She was, of course, an Arab.
But ‘Western-ized and Western- sized:

Meaning ‘Slightly Chunky.’

We fell headlong into love.

This was a monumental fuckup on my/her part.

I knew better—or should have—we both should have…

Known Better

We did, but we chose to ignore

The danger


To Be Continued…


“Lance, it’s later than you think”

Street Cred for Shared Vid: dcck123

“Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”

With Liz Taylor as ‘Maggie’


Some Smallish Added Value:

Dedicated To My Much-Missed Maggie:

If I Must Credit This, You Are NOT Paying Attention

3 thoughts on “These Memories Always Make Me Cry. I Am Such A Hapless, Helpless, Hopeless & Hopeful Romantic. But I Will Never Change. Don’t Wanna.

  1. wanna hear more about your time in Amman Jordan. Never been there. my Mideast experience limited to TLV. Could navigate Dizengoff like a local.

  2. DFWSteve

    Sorry For your Loss..

    I have lost too many good women.
    Or… they lost me
    I cannot figger the dif–All the same end result anyway

  3. I had a “Maggie” once. Born in SD. Went to UT. Met her in Tokyo. Became friends. Smart and very well traveled.
    She moved to London; shared her apartment in Chlesea with me. She moved to Riverside, CT. I ended up in Memphis, then back in TX.
    She was one of a kind.
    Traveled to N Korea and Yemen. Solo.
    Sent me postcards from all over. 131 countries.
    Alas, she died three years ago of brain cancer. I recall lunch Greenwich about 6 months before that. Pleasant memory. But a prelude to a sad ending.

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