I Am Nuts—Gone Crazy Mad! ‘Cray-Cray’—Okay? I Have Been Clinically Diagnosed As Insane, And Have Fallen Way Too Hard For Aubrey

Aubrey Plaza is Hilarious and Insane

Street Cred: DHM Entertainment


Aubrey Plaza’s best bloopers and improvised moments

Street Cred: Comedy Bites


Yes. I am Certifiable Nuts

But For Some Bizarre Reason, They Still Allow Me To Walk Around Un-Supervised. Guess I Am Not A Menace To Society–

How Little They Know

Thank You Lauren for Helping Me To Accentuate My Point

Lance IS “Crazy”

Believe You Me

Here is Positive, Well-Documented Proof:

‘Lose Your Imagination–Lose Your Mind.

Lost in Time

I Know.

I lost mine

Cred: Jackie Venson

Native Texan–Austin


Bat-Shit Crazy Lance

Not Too Photogenic These Days

“Gee Wally, whatever does this mean?

I Can’t be a narcissist no more?

I used to be handsome.

Key Phrase: ‘Used-to-Be’

Could have any girl my heart desired”

“Yes it does Son. Alas, No More, Elsi-Snore. Now shut up and go make me a sandwich. And fetch me a beer while you’re at it”

“Well shit!. What do I do now?”

“Punt & pray for a good out-come. Your ship has long-since sailed If I were you, I’d aim for the ‘coffin-corner’ From now on. Perhaps you’ll get lucky one-last-time”

“Asshole is Time”


But I Have Finally Discovered Someone Even More Cray-Cray Crazy- Nuts Than Me.

This Makes Me Happy–Seems I Am Not All Alone In This World After- All–Thank God!

I’d like to take a leak… If that is within the realm of possibility—Just askin’ for a Friend.

Yes! This Post Is All Fukked-Up

Because I Am Stupid & Caint Edit For Shit

Oh-My –


I LOVE This Young Broad!

Aubrey Plaza!

I adore her!

All In!

With Both Feets!

I love her.
She is insane (In That Good Way)

Funny How it has taken me so long to swerve into her…
But I am here now. Wholly on-Board with her quirkiness and her cray-cray
‘Better late Than Never’ I suppose.

“Lucky for you Aubrey that I am an old Fuk, Otherwise, I would be stalking you.”
With a Heart-felt and Relentless Passion

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