I Wish to EXPAND Upon This. And I Shall. Immediately After I Come Out Of My Self-Induced Coma.

I Am Nuts, But I Have FINALLY Discovered Someone Even More Bat-Shit Cray-Cray-Crazy-Nuts Than Me.

Aubrey Plaza!

Ah! If I were 100 Years Younger!

I Would ‘Have’ Her!

Probably Not.

But it is a Pleasant Fiction.

I often lie awake at night, thinking about Aubrey


(This is a FAMILY-Friendly Blog–Get Yer Mind Outta That Gutter!)

I often lie awake thinking of her.

And I do often ponder:

“Is She For Real? If I ever met her, would she be Aubrey?”



SHE IS Aubrey.

Exactly as Advertised.

She is For REAL!


Aubrey Makes Me Happy!

She Makes Me Happy–

She Enriches MY Life

Makes Me Realize…

I Am Not All Alone In This World After-All.

I Am Just a Wee-Bit Off-Center

“Three Bubbles Off Plumb”

As Molly Ivins Used to say

And I Am Good With That


Yes! This Post Is All Fukked-Up–

Because I Am Stupid & Caint Edit For Shit

Aubrey Plaza!

I love her.
She is insane

(In That Good Way)

MS Muse sez, “Lance! You Love Anything that wears a skirt!”

“Not True” Lance says. “I don’t much care for The Irish.”


Funny How it has taken me so long to swerve into her…

(Obviously I Need to get Out More)
But I am here now.

Wholly On-Board with her quirkiness and her cray-cray
‘Better late Than Never’ I suppose.

“Lucky for you Aubrey that I am an old Fuk, Otherwise, I would be stalking you.”
With a Heart-felt and Relentless Passion

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